Our sailors are children and adults with a wide range of disabilities.  Anybody can go sailing! Here are a few of their stories:

Peter Eagar

In 2010, Peter Eagar was paralyzed by Guillain-Barré Syndrome, unable to move, breathe or even blink. For months Peter was trapped in a body completely paralyzed, mind was fully functioning; he could hear and understand everything around him, with no means of communicating with his caregivers - not with a squeeze of his hand or even the blink of an eye. Two years later, after intensive rehabilitation at West Park Healthcare Centre, Eagar was regaining his life. Then a random meeting happened at a local marine store with a volunteer, 2 weeks later Peter tried out the accessible Martin16 sailboat and life was transformed again. Peter Eagar, of Toronto, Ontario won Mobility Cup 2015 Gold Fleet; held in Victoria, British Columbia. Peter has since gone on to qualify for the Sail Canada Development team in the 2.4mR.


“I have severe mobility restrictions. Several years ago a friend convinced me to try sailing with AQVA. What a blessing! The AQVA, its dedicated staff, volunteers and inspiring members have helped me to overcome my limitations and filled my life with an incredible sense of freedom, accomplishments, Zen-like meditative sunsets, thrills and adrenaline rushes!"

Basil K.