Sailing is accessible thanks to boats that are specially designed to meet the needs of people with mobility impairments.  Other boats are easily adaptable. 

   The Martin 16 is a boat that was designed specifically for people with disabilities. Thanks to innovative technology it can be sailed independently by people with any level of physical disability. It is widely used across Canada as a program boat and is also sailed competitively. 

    The Sonar is a 23-ft keelboat that was also not specifically designed for sailors with disabilities but it has a large cockpit which makes it easy to accommodate adaptations for seating and steering, as well as groups.

The Hansa (previously known as the Access Dinghy) was also designed for sailors with disabilities. There are three models: the 2.4, 303 and the Liberty. These boats can also be equipped with special controls allowing sailors with severe disabilities to sail independently.                



The 2.4mR is a one person Scandinavian designed boat that was not designed for sailors with disabilities but just happens to be particularly well-suited due to the fact that the sailor stays seated in one place and all controls for steering, trimming, etc. are within hands reach. Sailors with and without disabilities compete against each other on a level playing field. The 2.4mR was used for the one-person event in the Paralympics.