Mobility Cup is Canada’s international regatta for sailors with a disability

Mobility Cup is a “regatta of possibility” where personal, social, geographic, technological and organizational barriers are challenged in the spirit of friendly competition.  It is international in scope, inviting people from around the globe to participate, for the purpose of excellence, discovery and learning.

The purpose of the Mobility Cup Regatta is to demonstrate that sailing is an inclusive, accessible and integrated sport/recreation available to all persons.  Our credo:  “ANYONE can sail independently regardless of his or her physical ability or disability”.

AbleSail Network is the custodian of the Mobility Cup regatta.

You can learn more about Mobility Cup here:  About Mobility Cup

The first Mobility Cup was initiated in 1991 in Vancouver by Sam Sullivan, founder of the Disabled Sailing Association of BC. Sam’s hope was that by inviting key individuals from other cities to take part in Mobility Cup – whether they had ever sailed before was irrelevant – that the sport of disabled sailing would spread and grow. That’s exactly what happened!  To learn more about the history of Mobility Cup visit our historical website:

Mobility Cup is held in a different Canadian location each year.  Visit the current year's website here:

Kelowna 2017 Montreal 2016 

Victoria 2015



Lake Kananaskis (Alberta)  2014